Maktab Curriculum

In our Maktab, we have 2 types of studies:

  1. Qur’an Recitation
    • Qaidah (Beginner Level)
    • Tajweed (For better pronunciation)
    • Juz Amma (Juz 30 – By looking)
    • Nazirah (By looking) Recitation of the Complete Qur’an
    • Short Surah Memorisation
  2. Islamic Studies
    • Dua Memorisation
    • Hadeeth Memorisation
    • Akhlaaq (Good Character)
    • Fiqh (Islamic Rulings)
    • Aqeedah (Islamic Beliefs)
    • History (Religious History)


Qur’an Recitation

In Qur’an class, students start from Qaidah Nooraniyah and short Surah memorisation.

On successful completion of Qaidah, student are advanced to Tajweed and Juz Amma (30) recitation with option to memorise for capable students.

On successful completion Juz Amma (30) recitation, student are advanced to Qur’an Recitation. Where students recite through the complete Qur’an.

Islamic Studies

We currently use An-Nasihah Islamic Studies Syllabus from UK. We follow the Ta’limi Board KZN, South Africa for Dua Memorisation.

An-Nasihah Syllabus Chart


Islamic Studies

We currently follow Tasheel Series of South Africa for: Akhlaaq, Fiqh, Aqeedah & History. We follow the Ta’limi Board KZN, South Africa for Dua and Hadeeth Memorisation.

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