We currently run 2 Makātib.

  1. Fawkner Maktab
  2. Craigieburn Maktab


Our Makaatib follows rules which are drafted to support students in achieving their best from the relevant Maktab InshaAllah, these rules are as following:

  1. Punctuality
  • Parents/Guardians are requested to bring their children at least five minutes before Maktab starts.
  • Parents/Guardians are requested to ensure their child is relieved from all necessities (toilet and Wudhu) before coming to Maktab.
  • Parents/Guardians must arrange pick-up by 10 minutes from the end of Maktab Time, as there is no supervision after this time.
  • If Parents/Guardians need to contact their child (for emergency reasons only) during Maktab hours, they may call Maktab’s coordinator, who in turn will contact the teachers and pass on the message.


  1. Education
  • Maktab is for children aged 6-15 (Grade 1 and above). The minimum age is based on the level of reading required for the textbooks.
  • Maktab runs four days a week, covering different subjects daily. This creates the environment of Deen (Religion) that makes the children see Islam as a part of daily practice rather than a ‘once a week’ subject. The diligence of Parents/Guardians in regards to arriving on time, regular attendance and dress code is reciprocated by children, thus encouraging them to be diligent in their studies and giving Deen utmost priority in their lives.


  1. Attendance
  • Attendance and punctuality is of the utmost importance as absenteeism & late coming seriously impairs the child’s progress and can result in children missing out on entire subjects. It is the duty of Parents/Guardians to ensure students arrive and leave on time.
  • Students are required to attend all 4 days per week. Lessons cannot be repeated for one child due to limited time.
  • If due to serious illness or unforeseen circumstances a child does not attend Maktab, Parents/Guardians must provide a doctor’s certificate or a signed note (explaining the cause of the absence), or personally explain to the coordinator.


  • Parents/Guardians should avoid making appointments or planning journeys during Maktab hours.
  • Students will not be allowed to attend any Islamic programs or any other functions during Maktab hours.
  • All sporting activities or any other extra-curricular activities at school should be scheduled for the weekends or after Maktab hours. Parents/Guardians are requested to advise their child/children’s school of their Maktab commitment.
  • Students will not be permitted to leave Maktab early unless the Parents/Guardians have notified the administration in advance.
  • Continued absence/lateness without a genuine reason will be taken seriously and will result in the matter being discussed by the Management committee.
  • To encourage attendance and punctuality a special mark will be allocated in the report for attendance and will be calculated in the final report.


  1. Conduct
  • Parents/Guardians should encourage their children to display appropriate Islamic behaviour when coming to and returning from Maktab. They should show due respect towards their teachers, their classmates, the classroom and their books.
  • Behaviour and character development is one of the great priorities in Maktab.
  • Students must ensure they leave the classroom clean and tidy. Students are encouraged to clean the Maktab regularly and contribute to its upkeep.
  • No food or drink is to be brought by students to the Maktab (except for a clear water bottle).
  • Abusive language by students to any staff member will not be tolerated. If this is proven the Management committee will take the necessary action. This could lead to the child being suspended/expelled due to their misconduct and bad behaviour.
  • Mobile phones, MP3 players or any other type of objects which distracts the Students from their studies are not allowed in Maktab and will be confiscated. Confiscated items can be collected by the Parents/Guardians.


  1. Dress Code
  • Islamic dress code is required of all the participants in the program, both for boys and girls, because it inculcates the aspect of Hayaah (Modesty), which is an essential part of Islam.
  • For girls, a Hijaab is needed and a long skirt/abayah (cloaks). Scarfs must be correctly worn.
  • Boys must wear a cap (topi) to class. It is encouraged for the boys to wear a white thawb/jubbah.
  • Clothing should have no faces on it or inappropriate language.
  • No tight clothing (boys and girls) is allowed. Girls must not wear jeans/pants and short tops. Boys must wear three-quarter pants that cover the knees at all times.
  • Girls 10 years and older should be encouraged to wear purdah.
  • Girls will not be allowed to wear any jewellery.
  • No Wedge, Mushroom or Mullet haircuts or the like will be allowed.


  1. Fees
  • Fees are to be paid within the first week of each term.
  • If Parents/Guardians cannot genuinely afford the fees, arrangements can be made on a case-by-case basis in consultation with management; however, Parents/Guardians are humbly urged to contribute whatever amount they can afford.
  • Parents/Guardians who have not paid the fees of a previous term, after the start of a new term, may be contacted by management for a meeting.
  • Textbooks are to be purchased separately at an additional cost.
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