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It is our most heartfelt appeal to all our brothers and sisters to continue supporting DHA in its endeavours so that it may continue with its services. This is an amazing opportunity for earning Sadaqah Jaariyah, which will accrue great blessings in this life and the Hereafter. Insha’Allah, your donations will form the means whereby many children, youth and adults will learn the words of Allah Ta’ala and His blessed Deen.

Become part of this Sadaqah Jaariyah by:

  1. Making Dua for its acceptance and success.
  2. Benefiting from the DHA activities by joining the programs.
  3. Referring others who may benefit.
  4. Providing financial support by donating wholeheartedly to this noble project.


Please note, Darul Hikmah Australia is a registered charity with Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). We currently accept Sadaqah Naafilah (voluntary donations).

  1. Bank Transfer
  2. Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
    A/C Name: Darul Hikmah Australia Limited
    BSB: 063-237
    A/C Number: 1043 3915
  1. Online Donation
  2. Using your PayPal account or credit/debit card via this link:
  1. Direct Debit
  2. Using the direct debit request (DDR) form available here.

Current Projects

  1. Purchase of Fawkner Maktab property.
  1. Fawkner Maktab property is currently for sale. Therefore there is a need to avail this opportunity in order to secure a place for ongoing work of Deen in Fawkner that may be offered by Darul Hikmah Australia.
  1. Bank:                 Commonwealth Bank of Australia
    A/C Name:        Fawkner Maktab
  2. BSB:                   063-237
    A/C Number:    1043 6702
    SWIFT Code:    CTBAAU2S
  1. Purchase of a place for Deer Park Maktab.
  1. Deer Park Maktab has also outgrown its temporary premises and requires a suitable commercial place to continue its services. The waiting list of students is almost as many as those presently enrolled.
  1. Bank:                  Commonwealth Bank of Australia
    A/C Name:         Deer Park Maktab
    BSB:                    063-237
    A/C Number:     1043 8767
    SWIFT Code:     CTBAAU2S

How you can support Darul Hikmah Australia


Make a donation

You can make a donation, or encourage others to do so, towards DHA endeavours, or in support of a particular project.


Give an item

Any household item, collectable item or item of value can be given to be auctioned in the upcoming fundraising dinner (in 2020).


Give a loan (Qard Hasanah)

By loaning an amount to DHA building fund, the monthly repayments can be directed to paying off the property purchase.


Fundraise for us

Help run fundraising events, which is a fun and rewarding way to bring people together to raise funds for a good cause.


Become a regular donor

By making a monthly donation you can provide a commitment that will ensure that our programs benefit the Community.

If you wish to apply for direct debit, please click here.


Give a pledge

Pledge an amount to give, and work towards fulfilling the amount through friends, family or work colleagues.


Give in bequest

Donating on behalf of a loved one, so that they receive the perpetual rewards (Esaal-ul-thawaab).


Volunteer your time

By donating your time and use of your skills, you can contribute towards the running of DHA activities.

To discuss any of these options, please contact DHA on 0416 560 084, or email

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